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Stock Tank Pool Playbook

$ 10.00 USD
$ 10.00 USD

Stock Tanks have been all the rage the last few years. In 2019, my wife and I decided to set one up and we instantly fell in love. Despite their growing popularity, there's not a lot of basic documentation about the proper way to buy and setup a stock tank pool. Unless you're a contractor or a handy-woman/man, it can be intimidating to bite the bullet and jump in.

This playbook was what I created to help guide the project for my wife and I, and for a little bit more than a cup of coffee, it can be yours, too. In it, we talk about the materials you need, the proper way to set things up, diagrams and schematics of placement and considerations, as well as a clear step by step, box decision making process for you to setup a pool. We hope it helps you setup a pool of your dreams like it did for us!

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